Looking for the best Preschool in Paschim Vihar ? Here are 5 Reasons to Choose the Right One

Hard as it might be, when the time is suitable it is essential to enroll your child into preschool. Furthermore, this decision brings with it a whole other series of questions that need answering. How will I know which preschool is perfect for my child? Does the curriculum include the things I wished for my child to learn? Is it situated in an area that’s convenient for me? What is the preschool’s philosophy? What are the timings? The list is endless. But we at Eden Castle Preschool offer childcare solutions bearing in mind, parent concerns and child development. And here are five reasons why Eden Castle Preschool is the best preschool in Paschim Vihar, Delhi.

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1. An all-inclusive Curriculum

The curriculum isn’t a mere listing of one academic milestone after the other. It, therefore, probes a child to explore, investigate and discover. The learning is divided into seven domains – self-help & adaptive, spiritual and moral, language, cognitive, social and emotional, gross motor, and fine motor. It is a carefully curated education program that fosters independence in a child. Wouldn’t you wish for your preschooler to possess this quality?

2. The After-school Day care Program

Eden Castle Preschool is continually working towards bettering the lives of parents. And one among the many ways are its popular after-school daycare services. This after-school day care service is for children between the ages of 10 and 15, from 12:30 pm to 06:00 pm. During this time the child sleeps, eats, changes, completes homework and engages in an activity of his/her own choice. So while you go about tending to your professional life, your child is in safe hands.
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3.Preschool Events & Festival Celebrations

We at Eden Castle Preschool feel it’s integral to instill cultural values in a child. Therefore in an effort to impart these values, we bring in all the festivals with an event or celebration of sorts. Be it Children’s day, Teachers day, Diwali or Holi , all the festivals are marked with some celebratory activity or the other. Apart from festivals, we also host annual events like our Food Festival Week, Crimson Day and Open Houses. Be rest assured that your child is going to have a social calendar as busy as yours.

4. Creative Activities by the Preschool

At Eden Castle Preschool, we work towards the all-rounded development of our young Edenites. Hence, apart from academic studies, your little one is going to take back a skill set that is life-enhancing. The curriculum is inclusive of storytelling sessions, speaking skills, Music & Movement, Sporty Me and the Better Me program. Wouldn’t you want your preschooler to flourish in all the above-mentioned areas?

5. The Preschool Teachers – Early Education Experts

Being governed by the philosophy of ‘Play, learn and grow’ there can’t be a better place for your preschooler to grow in. We work towards developing in our Edenites a love for learning. It’s a perfect way to cushion their future and make them successful. Our Early Education Experts adhere to a set of parameters to ensure the well-being of our Edenites. These parameters are competence, individualized attention, infrastructure, innovative teaching, parental involvement, safety and hygiene, special needs, and development of the child.
Could you find a better preschool for your child to grow in? Think no further, if you are staying in Paschim Vihar Delhi this is the best preschool for your child. Admissions are open, together let’s secure a better future for your child.
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Inquire Now Admissions open Preschool in Paschim Vihar


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