The Message of Diwali | Celebrate and inculcate the values of Diwali


Diwali is fast approaching, it is that time of the year when lit lamps decorate doorways and sweets are distributed in plenty celebrating Lord Ram’s return to his kingdom Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. As a result, the whole kingdom broke into a celebration and this went on to be celebrated as ‘Diwali’ or Deepawali.’  In India, festivals are celebrated with zeal. But, apart from reveling in the festivities, at Eden Castle Preschool , we believe there is much that the celebration teaches us that in turn we can pass on to little ones, the values that this festival stands for. The message of Diwali is simple, and yet, profund. Here’s what you should be teaching your preschooler this Diwali;

Living a Disciplined life

Diwali auspiciously commences on Brahmamuhurtha – that’s in the wee hours of the morning (one and a half hour before sunrise) at 04:30 am. Get your little one to adapt to the habit of sleeping and waking up early. To lead a disciplined life. it’s best to start young rather than getting accustomed to the habit in adulthood. Waking up early brings with it positive effects. It develops physical and mental health, heightens productivity, and maximizes problem-solving. Start it as a family routine and motivate each other through the activity. Before you know it, within a month you will be leading a disciplined life.

Practicing Kindness

Many legends skirt the celebration of Diwali. Another widely accepted legend is Lord Krishna defeats Narakashura. Hence, this symbolizes goodness triumphing over evil. This Diwali manifest the virtue of kindness in your child. And to achieve this coax your child into doing one good deed a day. It could be helping out with household chores, obeying or speaking the truth.

Seeking Spirituality

Your child is not too young to start trusting Almighty. Kindle this faith by reading to your child stories on the subject of religion. Furthermore, keep aside a time for prayer it instills belief in God. The responsibility lies on your shoulders to raise a God-loving child. So share stories and let your child sit beside you while lighting lamps this Diwali.

Speaking with Humility

Humility is a virtue that’s well-appreciated but not emphasized enough. And Lord Ram defines humility with his characteristics. Being an exemplary son, a valiant protector and staunch supporter of morals are the things you should shed light on while conversing with your child. Implement this by encouraging your child to use words like ‘please, excuse me, and sorry. ‘And you can give your child brownie points perhaps by inscribing a star on the hand each time he/she uses such a word.

Encouraging Sharing

Diwali is a festival to multiply smiles by sharing, loving and caring.  Practically demonstrating this is more effective than explaining it. Hence take your child to an orphanage or old age home, to experience the joy of giving. The Human Value system is divided into 4 pillars – Dharma (Moral Values), Artha (Economic Values), Kama (Psychological Values), and Moksha (Spiritual Values. An ideal upbringing involves incorporating all the above-mentioned values into your child’s routine life.

6. Fostering love

Diwali brings with it a series of family get-togethers. Encourage your little one to be amicable with friends, loving with extended family and respectful towards elders. You can simplify the process by charting out a family tree with him/her.

This Diwali as you light lamps, think up of ways in which you can illuminate your child’s life. The things a child learns at this age shapes his/her future both personally and professionally. The time to make a difference is here and now. Eden Castle Preschool wishes Edenites and their family members a joyous Diwali.

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