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Motherhood is thoroughly rewarding, but a mother particularly enjoys the stage from infancy to preschool. Why you may wonder? It’s perhaps because a mother’s whole being is centered on her child. Her nights are spent offering comfort and days are spent calming the little one or vice versa. She thrives on her child’s smile. And a child’s milestone is met with a mother’s overwhelming emotions. After experiencing all this, it’s only natural for a mother to carefully think through preschool enrollment. Being a mother you are going to hear several opinions about whether or not your child is ‘preschool ready.’ But trust your instinct because no one knows better than you about what’s best for your child. Listed out are signs which indicate that a child is ‘preschool ready.’

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1. Heightened Concentration

This is reason enough to indicate that your child is preschool ready. Activities in a preschool run between 15 and 20 minutes, hence it is important for your child to be able to sit through them. You can ascertain this factor if you notice that he/she is able to sit put in one place for a reasonable amount of time. Furthermore, if your child is listening to stories with rapt attention it is most likely that he/she is preschool ready. Apart from the above mentioned, if your child is bubbling with curiosity it is evident that he/she is ready to discover more with heightened focus.

2. High on energy

Kids are a bundle of energy no doubt, but preschool is certainly tiring. If you find that your child is able to follow a set routine with one nap a day, he/she has the energy required for preschool. And if your child doesn’t tire quickly, that’s another factor indicating the same. On the whole, if your child is robust and keeps you on your toes, it’s a sign that this energy needs channelizing. Low energy levels could lead to the child having a fit of rage or a crying spell. Therefore, ensure that those energy levels are high before preschool enrollment.

3. Increased fluency in communication

This doesn’t imply lengthy conversations. But you can safely conclude that your child is preschool ready if he/she is able to speak using 3-5 word sentences. If your little one is able to process all that’s being told and follow instructions it again indicates the same. Preschool requires a child to spend time with peers and a teacher. Hence, before enrolling your child in a preschool it’s critically important to know how he/she reacts to people outside the house. If your child is a social butterfly in the making, stop waiting and start looking up preschools.

4. An ever-growing independent streak

Self-care is not a foreign concept for a preschool child. No matter how much a mother mollycoddles a child, there comes a stage when the child is able to do things on their own. And this independence shows that he/she can easily cope with preschool. If your child is potty-trained and eats meals by themselves it’s preschool calling. Along with this if your child is comfortable spending time on their own it hints the same thing.

5. A certain level of emotional readiness

It’s common for a child to get teary-eyed on being separated from the mother. But have you noticed a visible difference off late? And has the duration of these cries has reduced? Perhaps your child is ready for preschool. An emotionally ready child is in a state of preparedness to make friends. All that said and done, this is the most important criteria to consider while deciding whether a child is preschool ready.

Now that you know your child is ‘preschool ready,’ how will you decide which preschool? The options are overwhelming but look for one with an all-inclusive curriculum. It should be an environment wherein a child can ‘Play, learn and grow.’ If you are a resident of Paschim Vihar in Delhi, you can end your search with Eden Castle Preschool. It is the perfect option for many reasons. If your toddler is ready for preschool, admissions are now open.

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Inquire Now Admissions open Preschool in Paschim Vihar


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