The duty of education is to stir up life, but to leave it free to develop.

Everything that children have learned in the previous years comes together in Kindergarten, giving children the readiness to meet new challenges.

By the age of 4 years, children start understanding the concept of being intellectual, putting up questions, answering open-ended questions and above all, the concept of time.

Age Group

4-5 years

Class Size

15 Students


9.00 am – 12.30 pm

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The Kindergarten Learning Program

Each individual child is nurtured within the framework of a professionally designed, structured kindergarten curriculum. It focus on skills that will guide your child towards future academic success. The learning tenets of the program include social finesse and independent learning and building confidence. It is the culminating year of the preschool education that provides an extraordinary opportunity to develop leadership skills.

Our Edenites get enough opportunity to act as positive peer models for their younger school mates, assuming positions of responsibility that further strengthen their self-esteem.

Each school day is planned to ensure independent discovery and focused learning. This ensures success in Grade I and beyond at formal school education.

Our Creative Activities for Kindergarten

Why Parents Love Eden Castle School

We believe that the testimonials of the parents & guardians of our Edenites are always the true reflection of our commitment towards holistic Early Years Development.




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