Life is about using the whole box of crayons.

Between the ages of 2-3 years, children make great developmental strides and need a lot of personalised attention. Eden Castle School’s Pre-Nursery Program creates consistency and routine by focusing on group activities and plenty of outdoor activities apart from the basics of language, art and math, among others.

Age Group

2-3 years

Class Size

10 Students


9.00 am – 12.00 pm

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Our Pre-Nursery Learning Program

When it comes to development, the 2-3 years age range is when there is an uptick in the child’s emotional development as they try to recognize their own feelings, while also trying to makes sense of others’ feelings around them (especially their parents and siblings). And it doesn’t stop there for a toddler. Communication, motor movement, everyday skills, talking, thinking, learning, playing – this is an age of wondrous discovery of one’s self as a toddler.

At Eden Castle School, we are fully aware of these and other age-related developmental milestones which have also helped us fashion our learning through play curriculum for the toddler group with the Pre-Nursery learning program.

At Eden Castle School Pre-Nursery, children learn about colors, shapes, animals, festivals, seasons, feelings, pattern writing, pre-reading & pre-number skills, problem solving attitude, puzzle solving ability, personal hygiene, sharing, adjusting, independent existence and more. Our well-planned, theme-based monthly curriculum inspires children to give shape to their imagination, get actively involved with the world around them and to be caring human beings.

We support them as they move onwards through the developmental phase of their lives, helping them know and be confident about the world.

Our Creative Activities for Pre-Nursery

Why Parents Love Eden Castle School

We believe that the testimonials of the parents & guardians of our Edenites are always the true reflection of our commitment towards holistic Early Years Development.




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