Goodbye 2019 | 10 New Year Resolutions for Preschool children

new year resolutions for a kid

It’s the last weekend of 2019, and most of us are evaluating all that happened the previous year. There are a few regrets but at the same time, there are achievements to be proud of. After having mulled over everything there lies ahead of us the important task of setting resolutions for 2020. Why not engage your preschooler in a similar activity? Alarming as it may sound it’s not too soon to think about new year resolutions for a kid.
This activity goes a long way in making your preschooler a responsible individual. And most importantly, it enables family bonding which is sometimes neglected in the hustle-bustle of routine activities. You could sit your preschooler down and explain to him/her that a new year is also a new beginning. It is a time for growth it is a time for adopting a better lifestyle.
You could steer the conversation towards the resolutions that you’ve made for yourself. And it is important to get this right, so instead of telling your preschooler ‘What you are not going to do?” you can rather tell him/her ‘what you intend to do?’ You could then probe your preschooler to suggest resolutions that he/she would like to live by in the New Year. You could pick up from a few of these resolutions for your preschooler.

1. Eat healthy

Preschoolers know little or nothing about the benefits of eating healthy. You can converse with them in a way that they’d understand. Perhaps you could tell him/her the more fruits and vegetables you eat the stronger you’ll be. The lesser sick you’ll fall and the sooner you’ll recover from any illness. And then he/she will be convinced to eat healthier in the year to come. And you could further help by ensuring that their every meal includes varieties of vegetables.

2. Practice, practice and more practice

Your preschooler might have a hobby, hence it’s essential he/she understands that practice leads to improvement. By driving this fact in their mind he/she is going to be encouraged to spend more time on their favorite activity.

3. Be clean and tidy

Being involved in household chores is a nice activity to engage preschoolers in. It’s a wonderful way to make them feel involved. You can always tell him/her that keeping a place free of dust and germs is necessary to remain healthy. Knowing of this they will be much more participative in household chores. Hence, keeping the house tidier could be one of the new year resolutions for a kid.

4. To be kind

In this age, preschoolers are mostly unaware of their own feelings and the feelings of others. Hence it’s natural for him/her to be clueless about the importance of being kind. You could tell him/her that helping out your sibling, spending time with grandparents, and saying hello to the domestic staff at home makes a person happy. And this happy emotion could be something that he/she grows to identify and multiply.

5. To cut down screen time

It is extremely common for a preschooler to be glued to videos on the phone. A Parent often does this to make their little one finish a meal. But beware, this could, in turn, become an addiction. To counter this you could always explain to your preschooler how watching television impairs their vision. Perhaps it will result in him/her consciously deciding to reduce screen time.

6. To care for Mother Earth

Don’t underestimate your preschooler’s ability to contribute towards environmental protection. You can spend time in nature and tell your child about how the environment is constantly threatened by the things we do. Who knows? Watching you, your child could start switching off lights, disposing of waste and watering plants in the year ahead.

7. To get sporty

Preschoolers like adults are subject to the risk of obesity. Briefly explain to your little one the importance of being involved in physical activities Set aside at least 60 minutes a day to spend outdoors. Even if it’s as simple as going for a walk. Your preschooler could develop an inclination towards some sport in the year ahead.

8. To be vocal

Temper tantrums and moodiness are emotions that like adults even preschoolers experience. But unfortunately, they are unable to identify it. That’s where a parent can step in. When you notice a sudden shift in your little one’s mood, you could have a chat with him/her. You could ask open-ended questions, share stories and keep an incessant chitter-chatter going. Before you know it your preschooler will follow pursuit and get committed to being more vocal in the year ahead.

9. To be hygienic

Your preschooler can commit to maintaining cleanliness and hygiene at all times. Enforce a bathing, brushing and dressing ritual that’s fun. Who knows? Your preschoolers could march into the next grade getting ready all by themselves.

10. To practice gratitude

Today people are shifting towards mindful living and life coaches or mentors often speak about the, ‘power of gratitude.’ Hence you can set the foundation for your preschooler to have a good life by teaching him/her to be grateful. Simply sit down and ask him/her to say thank you for everything.

Before the year comes to a close, have a look this these new year resolutions for a kid, it could transform their lives. We at Eden Castle Preschool wish our Edenites and their parents a Happy New Year.

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