The Nursery program is about getting prepared for entering a structured education space.

Once children graduate from Pre-Nursery, we move on to a more advanced curriculum that escalates the possibilities of learning in the child and ensures that he/she is ready to venture into a structured and formal routine.

Age Group

3-4 years

Class Size

15 Students


9.00 am – 12.30 pm

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Our Nursery Learning Program

An ideal Nursery learning program, above all, should allow the children to be themselves, and that is exactly what we do at Eden Castle School. This also stems from the fundamental fact that no two children are alike and there is no pre-recorded format that enables them to brought up in a ‘perfect way’. We put immense effort in Social Learning in this age category – which is simply, getting alone happily with others, with a sense of equality, empathy and affection.

Academic-wise, our Nursery Learning program focuses on better pre-reading skills, a richer vocabulary and stronger observation skills. It introduces the children to more of a subject-based learning where the children start learning the basics in mathematics, environmental studies, science, art and get a platform for learning languages.

Our Creative Activities for Nursery

Why Parents Love Eden Castle School

We believe that the testimonials of the parents & guardians of our Edenites are always the true reflection of our commitment towards holistic Early Years Development.




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