Physical activity for Children | 5 ways to make your preschooler physically active


Adulthood goes by, typing away behind your laptop or glued to the television screen. For an active life, it is best to have started practicing it from a young age. When it comes to physical activity for children, there are diverse ways of making preschoolers active. For preschoolers it’s been recommended to clock in 60 minutes of physical activity for a healthy life. Here are a few ways to get your preschoolers up and moving.

1. Dance it off

Play your little one’s favorite nursery rhyme or song and crank up the volume. Spend some time bettering those moves with your little one following lead. Dance is an excellent outlet for them to channelize all that energy bubbling in a constructive way. It is a medium of expression and invariably he/she will learn to balance, control and co-ordinate with ease. So now you know how to spend a free hour next time.

2. Park Time

Unfortunately today’s fast paced life has little ones also encounter traumatic traffic. He/ she has to spend some time in nature its benefits are innumerable. It is vital to set aside sometime in the day and take him/her to the park. You can walk around or engage in playing ball or tag. For this age it is advisable to play a game which is simple in nature. It gives him/her just the right amount of adrenaline rush and will do its bit in strengthening him/her. You could also team with other parents, for your little one to play around with buddies.

3. Household chores

Redundant as this activity may seem it is extremely useful to get your preschooler off the couch and moving around. Perhaps you can engage him/her in a simple cleaning activity. Having him/her trail you in the kitchen, you could ask the little one to fetch you a fruit or a vegetable. In return greet him/her with a thank you it will give a sense of achievement. It may not be physically exhausting but it is much better than nurturing a couch potato.

4. Inclusion of fitness activities in the family vacation

The family vacation doesn’t imply one can go slack with the basic fitness regime. A vacation is an excellent way to also plug in that regular dose of fitness in the day’s activities. If it’s a beach vacation you can get your little one engaged in activities like walking around collecting shells by the beach, if it’s a plush resort you can have your little one frolic in the play corner and if it’s a rainy place free the reigns of control let him/her jump about in the paddles it will do no harm.

5. Lounge in the pool

It has often been said children should be taught swimming from a young age. At this tender age he/ she may or may not pick up the strokes but it is necessary to establish familiarization with water. If your little one is a fast learner, you may have him/her splash about and kick around in the pool before you know it. Doctors have time and again referred to swimming as the best form of cardio.

Now here’s a roundup of activities to make your preschooler physically fit this summer break.Eden Castle Preschool wishes its Edenites a summer break filled with physical activity to return back for the next term stronger and fitter.

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