Afterschool Kindergarten Meltdown | How to identify and deal with it compassionately


With a heavy heart you drop of your little one to preschool for his/her first day. Besides dealing with separation anxiety, look out for the manner in which your preschooler behaves after school. A structured preschool day comprises of a roundup of lessons and being seated in an orderly way.  Children find it hard to cope with the all of the changes and the telltale signs trail them home. Here’s presenting an overview of the signs of an afterschool kindergarten meltdown with recommendations on how to deal with them.

1. Reversed Behaviors

Many of their corrected habits begin to resurface on returning from school. Some of the most commonly recurring habits include bed wetting, communicating in baby voices, sudden clinginess and wetting of pants.

2. An Attitude Switch

During school hours, kids behave in a disciplined way. All those subdued and withdrawn responses may result in the him’her letting go of the calm facade at home. Hence, be prepared if temper tantrums or stubborn retorts come flying your way.

3. Disobedience

In preschool, kids comply with the teacher’s wishes through the course of the day. This sometimes sparks a disobedient streak at home. An activity he/she regular obeys maybe met with a deafening ‘no.’

4.Bawling Bouts

Your child may return home and burst into uncontrollable sobs. It may catch you off guard but sit through it with him/her because this could be his/her mechanism of dealing with change. And probing for an answer is of no avail.

There’s no reason to get unnerved if your child is going through any of the above. It is a transitory phase which will pass over. Quicken the process for your child by giving these recommendations a try.

Remedial measures for afterschool Kindergarten meltdown

  • Converse with your child in a calm tone at all times. Because a high-pitched tone will do nothing to resolve matters.
  • Prepare a snack for the ride back home, a well-fed child will be in better spirits and is more manageable.
  • Napping or simply resting after school will have a soothing effect on their nerves.
  • Quizzing him/her with questions about the proceedings of the day is not a wise option.
  • Encourage your child to participate in noiseless activities like coloring, piecing a puzzle or sculpting shapes with play dough.
  • Disciplining is an integral part of parenting, but it will not yield the expected result if enforced when your child is in such a vulnerable stage.
  • Venture out for some fresh air, because it is a nice way for the child to release the pent up emotions.
  • Once in a way give in to his/her demand for a day-off from school, because it will help your child get accustomed to the new environment faster.
  • Empathy goes a long way, and just giving your child the reassurance and space needed to puff out those emotions will prove to be beneficial.

Before you know it your little one will be hopping in and out of his/her preschool gleefully. Eden Castle Preschool is looking forward to welcome its Edenites to for a new term with immense learning and unprecedented development.

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