Summer Learning through Reading | 5 books to read with your Preschooler

5 booksforsummer reading for your preschooler - Eden castle School recommendations

Parenting is about presenting your child with experiences that will better their life in every possible way. Reading is a life enriching activity. A love for reading, gives strength in troubled times, a confidante for when one is lonely and knowledge that equips you to speak with utmost confidence. Start young and the practice will stay on. here is our first Summer Reading list, to ensure that Edenites have purposeful activities lined up for the summer break. Happy Reading!

Bunny-and-Cakes-Eden-Castle- Summer-reads

1. Bunny Cakes, by Rosemary Wells 

Rosemary Wells opens up to an instance of two bunnies, Max and his sister Ruby whipping up a cake for their grandmother. It presents a series of mishaps that come in the baking process and the manner in which they get solved. The illustrations in the book will keep kids engaged and the story will instill in their minds an understanding of determination and problem solving.

The-Little-Mouse-the-red ripe-strawberry-and- the-big-bear-Eden-Castle-Summer-Reads

2. The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear

Don Wood teaches child readers the virtue of sharing in his book, The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear. The narrative goes on to show the various tactics adopted by the mouse, to save his strawberry from the Big Hungry Bear. He finally decided to save the strawberry, he should share it with the readers. Impractical, as it may sound, the story will explain to your little one the importance of sharing.

When- Sophie-Gets-angry-Really-Really-Angry-Eden- Castle-Summer- Reads

3. When Sophie gets Angry- Really Really Angry

Molly Bang goes on to explain anger- management to children with this book. The plot unravels with Sophie getting livid with rage because her sister insists on playing with her favorite toy, in a fit of rage she walks off from the space. The second half of the story had Sophie return back to the play area in a calm state, to see her sister playing with another toy.

The simple story goes on to show children an effective way of coping with anger and the manner in which this emotion passes within a small duration of time. The illustrations support the mood of the story, initial ones are in shades of red, yellow and orange and the final ones evoke calmness by the usage of green and blue shades.

The-Adventures-Of-Beekle-The- Imaginary-Friend-Eden- Castle- Summer-Reads

4. The Adventures of Beekle- The Imaginary Friend

Many a times, kids at this age seek comfort in their imaginary friends. Read with your little one a story he/she can connect with. Dan Santat’s, book, The Adventures of Beekle- the Unimaginary Friend, traces the journey of an imaginary friend. On being continually passed on, he decides to take the reign of control and befriend a child who will give him a name and a home. The chromatic illustrations will have your child flip through page after page, with excitement.


5. Duck and Goose

Tad Hills, has the story woven around an innocent mistake, wherein a duck and goose mistake a beach ball for an egg. Starting off with a fight about who will get possession of the egg, the story spirals out with them realizing keeping the egg requires combined efforts. It is a simple endearing story of friendship supported with life like illustrations that will get your little one hooked on to this one.

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