Family Summer Vacations | The many benefits of vacationing for preschoolers

Family vacations are mostly generous givers of those picture-perfect moments. Time will slip through your fingers, and pictures will be the only remnants of those good old days. When it comes to family summer vacations, with the summer break round the corner, it is high time you zero in on a destination and plan that vacation. And children, without a doubt, are the brightest spots of any family summer vacations. Apart from making memories to cherish, the family vacation will help your preschoolers in more ways than you can count of your fingers.

1.Exposing them to experiences from a parallel world

Your preschooler’s day is mostly mapped out. The day’s activities range from school time, nap time, meal time and play time. They are reliving the same experiences every day. As they go by day after day, it is difficult for them to understand that this isn’t the only way of living life. Travel jerks them out of the monotony and does them a world of good. In a land foreign from theirs, they observe and learn from diverse ways of living, dining and dressing. The functioning of other cultures permeates into their subconscious mind and creates lasting impressions. It makes them adept at communicating with different types of people.

2.Enables them to get better grades

Surprised? But that’s what research has gone on to prove. When kids journey to different places it notches up brain development. A comparison was done and it went on to show kids who traveled scored higher grades versus kids who don’t travel. Studies have also gone on to prove that travel results in higher IQ, sharpening of concentration, heightened ability to learn and lengthening of attention span.

3.Gives them the importance they rightfully deserve

You might smother your little one with kisses and express unconditional love to him/her. That is important, but is it enough? Love is best expressed by action instead of expression. Taking off on a vacation with your little one, will make your child feel well tended and loved. If a child grows up to feel that his/her parents can’t take out the time for a vacation it could have a blow on self-esteem. Time is an invaluable gift to give your child in his/her growing up years, so go on that postponed vacation and cocoon your little one in love.

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4.Transports you into happy bubble

Try recalling your favorite childhood memory. What comes to your mind? For most it’s perhaps collecting seashells on the beach or sipping hot cocoa in the hilly mountain chill. Years go by, but that one memory will not fail to bring a smile on your face. As parents, vacationing with your child can build a storehouse of such memories in his/her mind. It creates a happy place of sorts, each time he/she revisits those moments.Vacations are an ideal way for them to have positive experiences logged into their memories.

5.Piques up their curiosity

Every phase of travel unravels as a discovery before them. Beginning from the mode of travel be it a train or an airplane, they look at all of it with wonderment. The place in itself beholds new mysteries for your little one, their tirade of questions will leave them returning knowledgeable about new concepts. Watching them go round eyed on seeing all things new is an experience in itself. So cherish the joy of parenting by vacationing with your children.


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