Trouble with Writing | 7 Pre-writing activities for your Preschooler

Do you recall being chided for bad handwriting by your parents or teacher? Were a few letters comparatively harder to write? Was your handwriting illegible? Did it cost you marks? And would you want your child to suffer the same way? Surely not. To nip the problem in the bud you could ensure that your preschooler is prepared to write before actually writing. Hence it’s vital to strengthen their motor skills, which can be done with a few pre-writing  activities. Give it a shot, it could perhaps make your child’s writing journey easy.

1.Cutting it up

Purchase a pair of child safe scissors and encourage your little one to cut out paper in a particular shape. It might take time for a child to actually be able to cut. But the activity sure helps in strengthening their hands. To make the activity further engaging, you could show him/her how to cut out snowflakes.

2.Building Blocks

Childhood isn’t complete without that set of chromatic building blocks. Piling them up, building out structures out of them and stacking them is sure to get those hand muscles working. This exercise is extremely beneficial for bettering hand eye co-ordination and enhancing dexterity. Hence, during playtime that extra hour of building blocks would be beneficial and not merely a form of play.

3. Clean it up- Use a Sponge

The next time you go for a car wash, why not let your little one accompany you? It’s alright for him/her to help you out with an errand. Hand your child a sponge. The act of dipping it in water, squeezing out the excess water and pressing the sponge against the car surface toughens up finger muscles.

4. Stick it up

Which child isn’t fascinated by stickers? Be it simple or the colorful ones depicting cartoon characters, flowers and butterflies. The sticking and peeling out of the stickers is a nice way to encourage activity in the pincer fingers. And it’s a sure shot way to keep your child to keep your child entertained.

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5. Sort it out

Assemble all the items that you can get a hold it could be beads, buttons, pebbles, or candy and toss it into a box. Ask your little one to skim through the contents and sort it out. Rummaging in the box, singling out one item, and pulling it out enables him/her to practice the pincer grip.

6. Shovel it up

A visit to the play area’s sand pit also aids in the development of fine and gross motor skills. How you may wonder? Usage of the shovel and rake keeps their small muscles gets their smaller muscles working. On the other hand lugging around the play bucket in the sand strengthens the bigger muscles.

7. Use some play dough

Rolling, squeezing and molding dough in different shapes and sizes gives their hands all the possible exercise. It sparks their creativity and gives them a sense of achievement on having created something of their own.

The world is full of possibilities, so look around and teach your child all that you can. From the moment you become a parent, life begins to involve a series of discoveries. When will my child take those first steps? What will be my baby’s first words? When will my child learn the alphabet?  When will my child learn to write? Every learning stage comes with certain pre requisites to simplify the actual learning process. Above-mentioned are pre-writing activities that make writing easy. Eden Castle Preschool wishes for its Edenites to be well-prepared to learn everything at the right age.


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