8 Traits that make a perfect Preschool teacher


After parents, a teacher has a huge impact on a child’s life. A teacher with her unconditional love, immeasurable care and sincere dedication, is a guiding light in a child’s life. After all, it is the child’s first longest human interaction in the outside world. Hence, apart from choosing the right preschool it is extremely important to know the characteristic traits of an ideal teacher. We believe that a perfect teacher is perfect, because of a few traits. Perhaps, its these traits which make a difference in child’s life.

1. Infinite Patience

Patience is not a virtue that can be compromised on in a teacher. Every child has a pace of its own likewise every learning has a phase of its own. It’s not uncommon for a teacher to be repeatedly questioned. Neither is a child taking time to learn a particular concept unheard of. Thus to be able to efficiently educate a child, patience is of utmost importance.

2. Being an excellent listener

Little ones don’t like being ignored, hence it’s critically important to listen when they speak. No matter where the conversation wanders, a teacher must simply listen. This act enriches the child’s language and makes them confident to express their opinions. Besides all this, the child feels important. If you come across a confident individual, its somewhere because of an excellent teacher.

3. A Pleasing Persona

It’s not about how a teacher looks, rather it’s the vibe a teacher gives off. One must not question a child’s intuitive ability, they pick on the tiniest of signs. A calm demeanor, a warm smile, a gentle touch and a patient ear has a miraculous effect on a child’s development journey.

4. Top notch organizational skills

A preschool teacher has an enormously long checklist of duties. And few of her many core duties involve covering everything in the curriculum, organizing the classroom, keying in engaging activities and monitoring a child’s progress. With so much work at hand, being organized is critically important. This way, a teacher wouldn’t miss out on anything.

5. Imbue leadership qualities

A teacher may or may not realize the extent to which a child looks up to her. She in her own gentle ways, has to prod the child in the right direction. Vested in her is the power to influence, encourage and motivate a child. Hence, she must possess natural leadership qualities to do all that she possibly can to better a child’s life.

6. Extremely engaging

A teacher should be able to turn things around and bring about an interesting twist in routine activities. Conducting things in a deadpan manner might make a child less interested in learning. Experimenting teaching styles and being unpredictable must come naturally to a teacher. One wouldn’t want a child to return from school uninspired.

7. High on those energy levels

The little tykes are quite a handful and can be tiresome sometimes. But hard as it may sound a teacher must be energetic enough to breathe life into the classroom. This eventually rubs off on kids and drives them to participate in activities. One wants to see their child return home bubbling with excitement.

8. Passion to teach

No teacher can contribute effectively to a child unless she loves teaching above anything else. It’s this unconditional love to teach which makes her develop a lasting relationship with her students. Educational qualifications and experience helps. But it’s a combination of teacher traits and a love for teaching which enables a teacher to bring about a change in a child’s life.

You might be perturbed wondering whether it’s possible to get the perfect preschool and all these teacher traits in one place. A teacher has her heart in the right place, and does everything she can for her students. One school whose teachers unquestionably tick mark the above-listed qualities is Eden Castle Preschool and Early Years. With our core philosophy being, ‘Play Learn and Grow’ our teachers bear all the above listed parameters in their mind during the course of their teaching journey.

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