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Till today are you gripped by stage fear? Do you feel clammy at the thought of addressing a gathering? Take charge and ensure your child doesn’t follow the same pursuit. Your preschooler is not too young to understand and battle the fear of speech. At Eden Castle Preschool & Early Years, we have found that the regular practice of certain public speaking activities eliminates stage fear and helps children speak up.

Grace and Courtesy

In a way as adults you reel out your child’s future with your actions. You may or may not realize it but a child mimics all that you do. Hence, make it a practice to throw in words like ‘Thank You,’ ‘Welcome,’ and make sure to diligently voice out ‘Good Morning’ and ‘Good night’ wishes. And also make polite words a part of your vocabulary because it will reflect in your child’s way of communication. Small as these things seem, it will eventually become a part of your child’s vocabulary. You can also probe your child to speak more by letting him/her receive the phone, it is one of the many public speaking activities your child can learn from.

The famous ‘Imaginary’ game

Play is fun and play also leads to learning. The imaginary game is an excellent way to get your child to speak up. So huddle up, invite other family members, friends and neighbors to join in. After which ask each one of them fabricating an animal in their imagination. And then allot each person a minute to describe the creature of their imagination. This exercise makes the child feel normal discuss absurd instances with utmost ease and confidence.

Turn drive time into story time

As you spend time driving your little one to and from school draw his/her attention to the area you’ll are driving by. Suggest your child to describe the things he/she is observing on the way in a span of minute. Continual repetition of this activity will pique your child’s alertness and his/her speech will become eloquent.

Don’t shun their curiosity

Kids are often bubbling with questions, and more often than not their conversations entail a tirade of questions. Patiently, listen and answer each question. Shunning them off is not a good idea. Such a response might make him/her fearful to speak up and state what’s in their mind. A curious mind finds creative direction. This further gives him/her the impetus to ask, to understand and to speak.

Mock-up or role play

Learning is best achieved through experience. Script a make believe game and assign your child an authoritarian role wherein he/she has to deliver a speech. This activity will familiarize him/her with the experience of the audience’s scrutiny at the time of public speaking.

Cultivate the habit of listening

You’ll often hear one quote, ‘A good speaker, is a great listener.’ How can you condition your child to be a good listener? Read to your little one each night it’s a sure shot way to put him/her to sleep and pique their imagination. And hearing stories will also help him/her become a better listener.

Children are the future of the nation, and let’s empower them with the power of effective speech. Eden Castle Preschool has a ‘Speak Easy’ program in place to inculcate their students to become confident speakers.

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