Being Young & Footloose : The many benefits of dance in early childhood development

Dance is not merely a set of physical movements, there’s a lot more to it. What is its significance? It is a medium of self-portrayal with benefits that are all-encompassing. Dance is beneficial in early childhood development because it enables children to express themselves. Here’s how we found dance helps in early childhood development.

1. Ups the Social Skills

Dance is an opportunity to for kids to co-operate and work with their peers. Group performances have them work together harmoniously and put up a good show. He/she becomes receptive and pays heed to instructions. Moving strategically in a small space makes him/her respectful towards group members. This invariably results in your child easing into social circles faster than before.

2. Self-Esteem booster

Dance is a way through which a child gains awareness of his/her bodily movements. This boosts self-esteem. It ingrains confidence and courage to appear and perform in front of a large audience. All in all, positive vibes are prevalent in kids who dance.
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3. Improves overall health

Dancing in early childhood development is essential because it betters child health. Besides this the repetition of steps strengthens the child. It works on posture correction, bettering the functioning of the cardiovascular system, steadying balance and improving hand eye co-ordination.

4. Emotional Intelligence developer

Dance enables a child to express the emotions playing in his/her mind. In turn the release of pent up energy helps to make the child emotionally stable. And this helps the child thrive and flourish in all areas of life.

5. Educational advancement

Dance requires sharp focus and a high level of concentration. Hence a child involved in dance gets accustomed to disciplining the mind from a young age. Being involved in dance invariably results in scoring higher grades.

6. It makes for a fun activity

The beatific smile on your child’s face is an incredible thing that comes with dance. This activity gives off a happy vibe. And as a parent there is nothing more integral than seeing your child happy.

You have a whole list of aspirations for your child to live up to. But if you are looking to be a support and aid him/her in his developmental journey dance is an excellent activity to engage your child in. And the benefits of dance in early childhood education are irreplaceable. Eden Castle Preschool nurtures its Edenites with a comprehensive song and dance program.
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