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Parents wish for their children to grow into self-assured and confident adults. But there’s more to life, than the journey from failure to success, isn’t there? Think carefully what makes trials seem easier and success seem sweeter? It is the camaraderie between friends that makes life easier to get by. If you want your preschooler to grow up with the unconditional support of friends, you could perhaps start doing something about it now. Eden Castle Preschool has found certain positive parenting tips teach children the virtues of friendship within the confines of your home.

1. Let friendship construe your play

A child learns through observation and experimentation. Therefore, heed caution while conversing before your child, and ensure the conversations have demonstrations of kindness. Throw in phrases like, ‘Thank you, for sharing your biscuit with me’ or ‘you are such a good friend’ when he/she lets you have a go with their toy.
And then again comes the challenge of explaining to your child that conversation is a two-way exchange. In order to lay this down, exhibit compassion in the manner you converse it will strengthen conversational skills.

2. Nurture your child to be a good listener

For starters, are you a good listener? Is there eye-contact, when you converse with a person? Are you u listening with undivided attention to what the person has to say? A child notices all these small things and this is what goes on to reflect in his/her way of conversing. You play a pivotal role in your child’s life. Your manner of conversing with him/her will leave an imprint on the mind and affect the future course of actions.

3. Word association for their feelings

Conflict is a way of life, and this is no different when it comes to children. There are going to be instances when there’s a sudden outburst, an angry retort to a sibling/friend or throwing a toy. The stereotypical response is, ‘Don’t do that!’ But more often than not it doesn’t help. On the contrary, you could step aside with your little one and inquire how is he/she feeling? Probe deeper, by asking, ‘You seem angry?’ or ‘You seem frustrated?’ As a result he/she will find a word to associate with that unpleasant feeling. And in grand scale of things your child will voice out his/her turbulent feelings. This will help the child cope with any mishaps that may arise with friends in adulthood.

4. Up the observational skills

In a social set-up draw your child’s attention to instances of kindness. Occasional mentions like ‘Did you notice how Neha was sharing her toy with Joey?’ or ‘It was nice of Macy’s mother to inquire how you are feeling now?’ And as a result your child will retain this and practice the same.

5. Work around the social calendar

Peer exchange during school hours alone isn’t enough. Enroll your child in play groups, hobby classes and go on those park visits. The best way to learn about friendship is to make friends. These exchanges will help your child understand the fundamentals of friendship. So reorganize your child’s calendar and turn him/her into a social butterfly.

6. Hold Back on that critique

As a parent it’s the most natural thing in the world to berate your child for wrong behavior. And do you think that’s going to magically correct your child’s actions? Not necessarily, this could instigate him/her to repeat the same. Instead, you could give your child a pat on the back for his/her good conduct. The positive trail of this praise, results in your child repeating the act.

At Eden Castle Preschool, we believe than life’s morals that shouldn’t be compromised on. These positive parenting tips, are sure, to help your child progress into adulthood with friends who love and care for.

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