Outdoor Play | 6 fun games to engage your Preschooler


Can you recall returning home rosy-cheek after having played outdoors? Why are you robbing your preschooler off this memory? In this social-media-driven and digitized age, children rarely step out and play. This, in turn, results in problems like obesity. On the other hand, it’s been proven that kids who are inclined towards outdoor games are creative, positive, social and confident. Hence, it is critically important to develop this from a young age. Eden Castle Preschool has identified six games to make going outdoors an enjoyable experience for your preschoolers.

1. Blow and Chase bubbles

This is perhaps the most fun activity, which your preschooler is sure to enjoy. Blowing bubbles out of soapy water and chasing after them will leave them all smiles. And it will also get them up and moving around instead of being glued to one place.

2. The Statue Game

A timeless favorite among most kids is the iconic statue game. On the count of three, tell your preschooler to run. And the second you say the word statue, he/she must become motionless. A slight movement renders the opponent has lost. This game betters their balance and reflex action at the same time.

3. Hide and Seek

One cannot go wrong with a game of Hide and Seek. Venture into a garden or park and layout the rules to your preschooler. You can urge your little one to hide until you count to twenty. Prolong the game by pretending to look for your little one even if you have spotted him or her. This game leads to the heightening of social and cognitive skills.

4. Sow Seeds

While working on strengthening your child physically and mentally, you can also ingrain environmental consciousness in him/her. Make a trip to the closest nursery and get yourself seeds. Coax your preschooler to help you plant the seeds. It requires physical effort from their end. That’s not all, basking in the essence of the soil and touching the sand particles develops their sensory skills.

5. Play Ball

If you are running out of ideas and are thinking up ways of keeping your child engaged- simply play ball. The benefits of this activity are innumerable. Because catching the ball improves his/her hand-eye coordination and tossing it around improves his motor skills.

6. Riding a tricycle

Those three-wheeled tricycles are more important than one realizes. Pedaling away on it strengthens their leg muscles. Ensure that you have firmly mapped out a start and finish, point for him/her to ride to and from. This activity encourages cognitive thinking and sharpens their problem-solving ability. You can further heighten the productivity of this activity by encouraging your preschooler to wash and clean this bike with a little support from your end.

Going outdoors ensures your child gets that daily dose of Vitamin D. And as discussed above outdoor play contributes in some way or the other in achieving every developmental milestone. When the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming, don’t let the opportunity slip through your fingers. Eden Castle Preschool, urges you to step out with our Edenites, simply play and contribute to the holistic well-being of your child.

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