Event Album | Nona aur Baarish, from Drama Shama 2019

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Skit Synopsis

Nona goes to her Dadaji (paternal grandfather) requesting him to turn off the Rain Tap – “Barish ka Nul” so that she can play outdoors with her friends. Dadaji does so and the rain stays away from her village. The villagers, realising how important rains are for daily survival- they are unable to do their daily cooking, washing, building new dwellings, drinking, farming are now horrified of what lies ahead of them. They all go to Dadaji to request him to turn back on the “Baarish ka Nul”.

Adapted for the stage from “Nona Aur Baarish” by Priya Nagrajan.

A Video Bit from the Delightful Skit “Nona aur Baarish”

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