Event Album | The Hardworking Red Hen, from Drama Shama 2019

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Skit Synopsis

A hard working Red Hen has her animal friends who are too lazy/busy/vain/selfish, refusing to help her during the sowing, tilling, weeding and harvesting of her crops. They come to enjoy her fruits of labour but are turned away, with the message that hard work and helping others are the two most important life skills.

Adapted from “The Little Red Hen” by Diane Muldrow


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  1. Dear Eden Team,

    All the skits were too good. Great efforts put in by the entire team of Eden.
    Many congratulations and kids were looking super cute 😊

    Best Regards,
    Kamna Kathpalia
    A Happy Parent

    • Team Eden Castle says: (Author)

      Thank you Kamna, we couldn’t be happier. At Eden Castle Preschool & Early years, we are committed to the overall development of each Edenite in our care and we couldn’t be more proud witnessing the milestones they have crossed while with us. We look forward to your continued support and patronage in our journey forward. Thanks so much once again.

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