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Humming a tune, do you wistfully wish that you were musically inclined? Watching groovy dance moves, do you feel like shaking a leg? It’s never too late, but you could start early with your offspring. Children being involved in song and dance, are benefited in several ways. Apart from harmonious melodies and physical activity it leads to overall development. Here’s presenting an overview on the benefits of singing for kids.

Singing for Kids- It makes them Healthier

Singing is not just another activity, it makes your child healthier. It betters the functioning of the cardio-vascular system, oxygenates blood and makes him/her more alert. The activity channelizes airflow in the respiratory tract, which in turn combats flu-causing bacteria. It abates stress levels and gladdens children.

Singing for Kids- It makes them Math Whizzes

Song and music will probe him/her to gain insight into the world of numbers. It results in a child learning to distinguish patterns, gain time consciousness and develop organizational skills. Coming to the specifics a child who sings becomes numerically aware and begins to understands the working of fractions. So that hour kept aside for singing, will keep the math scores in check.

Singing for Kids- It makes memorization easy

Action songs improve retention power, kids soon start miming actions with perfection. These songs help in the enrichment of vocabulary. From here kids begin to link a word to an action. For example on continually repeating, ‘Teddy Bear Teddy Bear turn around’ he/she will begin to formulate a mental picture of the act of ‘turning around.’

Singing for Kids- It makes room for self-expression

All the emotions your child experiences find direction when he/she sings. The child’s mood is depicted in his/her facial expressions while singing. Pent up physical energy is released in action songs. Their overall mental state is reflected in their body language at the time of singing. Happiness bubbles up within them on clapping, hearing musical tunes and singing along in the company of their peers.

Singing for Kids- It makes them comfortable.

A child on hearing a particular song before sleeping or at the time of drop-off, will associate the song/rhyme with that activity. This song goes on to become a source of comfort for the child. Songs/rhymes are useful for getting his/her routine in place. Hence parents can have a particular rhyme for bathing while another one for mealtimes. Before you realize, your child will finish daily activities at the right time.

While mapping out your child’s daily schedule set aside time for singing. Brush away worries about hitting the right note, and just sing along with your little one. Several playgroups and preschools have a strong singing program in place to aid your child’s musical journey. Eden Castle Preschool has structured a Song and Dance program, perhaps one of its Edenites may go on to become musical prodigies. The next post will feature the benefits of dance in the development journey of children.

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