Preschool Admission | How Parents can overcome Separation Anxiety


You’ve grown used to it. Keeping a watchful gaze attuned to your child’s every move is as normal as breathing. But you do realize it isn’t always going to be like that. Perhaps the time has arrived, and you try to find the best fit of preschool for your little one. Your heart shudders with fear at the thought of tearing yourself apart from the baby you held on to so dearly, but then again one can’t shy away from responsibilities. Children need to be prepped up before the transition, but what is largely overlooked is the fact that just like preschoolers dealing with separation anxiety, parents too are dealing with an emotional turmoil of their own. Here are a couple of things parents could try, to lift their spirits and ease the transition.

Talk It Out

As your child trots into the new preschool environment, be it cheerfully or tearfully, you as a parent would seem overwhelmed by unnamed fears and insecurity. Sit down and talk it out with a confidante – is my child safe? Will he/she be able to cope in a new environment? Will my little one forget me? Irrational as the thought maybe, it’s eating your mind and you need a support system of sorts to get through this. The benefits will leave you pleasantly surprised.

Trust The Process

You will think up of a million excuses, to hold back your child within the confines of the house, and to you. Perhaps emotionally is he/she ready for school or the caregiver will not be able to anticipate his needs and look after him/her in the manner you do. But you have to brush away these inhibitions, and trust the process. Separation is an eventuality that you cannot ignore. The early education teachers are certified and trained to nurture and educate children and your child is going to be well cared for. Tell yourself this and wait in excitement, to watch your child grasp and learn new things in this wondrous new journey.

Unload the baggage of Guilt

Parents most often have the habit of lugging around a baggage of guilt. Why plagued with such thoughts like – Am I giving my child enough time? Is this the right age for preschool enrollment? and more. Such negative thinking isn’t progressive in any way. Space and independence are also important factors, which are sometimes ignored in the course of parenting. Some time away, will do both of you good.

Don’t get Disheartened

Strange as it may be, some parents are reaffirmed of their child’s love at the sight of them going to school teary eyed. The lack of tears shouldn’t let you down, On the contrary, your child’s beaming face gives you confidence about the decision you’ve made.

Every aspect of parenting, brings with it joys and pitfalls of its own. Cast aside the worries, even if it may not seem so easy. You could perhaps invest your time and energies in finding the best school for your child. While making the decision, you could look into Eden Castle Preschool & Early Years, with campuses in Delhi & Gurugram. Its exceptional curriculum and diligent teachers will ensure that your child gets everything that’s needed at the right time.

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