5 time-tested techniques that help with finding the Preschool that suits you

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Does your toddler seem all grown up? Is he/she exhibiting signs of preschool readiness? Perhaps its the start of your child’s academic journey. Deducing that is the easy part, what lies ahead of you is daunting task of preschool hunting. How will you determine which preschool is best suited for your child? Calm your worries, enlisted below are a few steps that help with finding the best Preschool in your neighborhood.

1. Research, Research and some more Research

In phase one, chalk out a list of all the prospective preschools. Furthermore, single out the factors which you are considering while deciding upon a preschool. It could be curriculum, timings, extra- curricular activities or the teacher child ratio. Do a due diligent research of each preschool and decide which preschool scores over the other. You may not enrol your child in any of the preschools listed, but the filtering process is essential.

2. Review Check

Skimming through the website is only phase 1 of the research. Because there is only so much that a website can tell you. Hence, it’s critically important to read up the reviews, it tells you things that a website may not. As the next stage of research, prepare a list of reviews that you think are genuine. These reviews could either ease your worries or leave you disturbed. But it’s important to collect all the information that you can, because it’s the first time your child is venturing into the outside world.

3. Connect with the reviewer

Now that you have a set of reviews, find a way to connect with the reviewer. You could perhaps looks up their social media handles and drop a message. Because sometimes just reading the review isn’t enough, it’s important to ascertain the reasoning behind what’s stated. That prods you one step closer towards your decision of finalizing a preschool. This is a definitive way to narrow down a preschool from the various options you researched.

4. Seek advice from peers

Parenting with its perks is sometimes extremely frightening. Your child’s future depends on the decisions you take. You wouldn’t want to make a wrong decision. But at times like this it’s important to remember that you aren’t alone, other parents are sailing in the same boat. Talking it out, is only going to simplify matters. In these discussions, check and see if your choices are matching their preferences. If the opinions are contradicting, you have to dwell deeper and research more.

5. Physically visit the Preschool

After having completed all the stages of research, is the most important step of visiting the preschool. Here you have to trust your intuition above anything else. What’s the first vibe the preschool gives you? Are you comfortable with the teacher student ratio? Is the security system in place? Does the curriculum entail everything that was mentioned in your checklist? If all of the above responses are positive, you have landed in the right preschool.

Your child deserves nothing less than the best. Research claim that the first five years of an individual’s life sets the tone for the experiences in adulthood. Thereby, preschool enrollment is a matter that requires careful consideration. Since the admission processes have begun, its best to start your groundwork. And if you are a resident of Paschim Vihar in Delhi, make sure to pay a visit to Eden Castle Preschool. Your child will blossom in love and thrive in an environ that facilitates him/her to ‘play, learn and grow.’


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