Masks for Children | Mask-wearing activities and Mask Hygiene

Covid-19 has brought with it a new addition in all our lives- the Face Mask. You understand its importance and wouldn’t step out without it. But what about your children? Of late, every aspect of parenting is affixed with a question mark. Are you struggling with getting your child to wear a face mask? Have you been using a face mask that’s well-suited for a child? And are you taking the necessary precaution to keep the mask clean and hygienic?

What can a parent do to encourage a child to wear a mask?
What kind of a mask should a child wear?
Tips to keep a mask clean.

What can a parent do to encourage a child to wear a mask?

It takes time for a child to get accustomed to something. Therefore, you could begin with getting your child to wear a mask for 10 seconds, and gradually work your way upwards. To make mask-wearing more frequent you could also wear it at home for a bit. If you happen to discover a picture of their favorite celebrity wearing a mask print it out and show it to them. This could also help in reducing their hesitation towards wearing masks. Video calls with family members and friends wearing masks encourage a child to practice the same.
You can further spruce up the whole mask-wearing activity, by letting your child pick a mask of their choice. It could be colored or printed whatever he/she prefers. Why not make a craft activity out of it and make a mask with your little one?

What kind of a mask should a child wear?

The usefulness of a mask is often thought about. How does this face-covering aid in the prevention of the transmission of the virus? The mask works as a filter, hence if one is infected it prevents the droplets from spreading in the surroundings. Furthermore, it secures a non-infected person from inhaling the drops. Lastly, the mask works as a reminder preventing people from touching their nose and mouth frequently. Now that the importance of the mask has been ascertained, it’s critical to know what kind of a mask should one wear. Any normal household material can be used to make a face mask. But, cotton is preferred because of its soft texture.

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Ensure that the mask is well-fitted and securely shields the nose, mouth, and chin. Also, make your child understand that touching the mask from outside is not acceptable. The other restrictions involve not letting the mask hang loosely around the neck and not pulling it down your nose. If needed assist your child in removing the mask. Put a hand wash routine in place after the removal of the mask.

Tips to keep your Mask clean

As important as it is to wear the mask one should know how to keep it clean. Keep aside 2 masks for each person. And each time the mask is worn soak it in warm detergent water. Leave it to dry in the sun for a duration of 5 hours. If it is not drying owning to the downpours you could always dry it using a steam iron.

Happy Parenting!


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