Why Should Your Child become an Independent Learner ?

Before formal education begins, there is something more important that children need to be trained for – the art of independent learning. This will ensure that they become lifelong learners, focused on gleaning valuable lessons from real life experiences and scenarios. And the earlier they are imparted this vital skill, the better they are equipped to become confident, self-reliant, intelligent, and self-motivated learners. And that is precisely why independent learning is a primary focus at Eden Castle Preschool & Early Years.
Promoting independent learning does not mean we are not going to help or support them in the learning process. Rather, it means that we will step back and allow them to tackle challenges and solve problems on their own. We do this by providing meaningful learning activities and nurturing a conducive atmosphere for the learning process. These include a combination of reading, writing, discussions, hands on activities, and group activities.

By encouraging the child to learn independently, what we gain is better understanding of the child’s learning abilities and potential by which we can shape the personal attention we provide the child, based on what he/she needs. Because that is another primary focus with us – personalized attention uniquely structured and based on the individual requirements of each child.

The child on the other hand learns to think on his own, take ownership of the learning experience and learn to apply these skills, not only for success during their years of formal education, but also through their lifetime for personal and professional success.

As a parent, starting a child off on the path of independent learning gives you some time for yourself, whether to finish up your work or your chores and errands, or to take care of another child, or maybe even some down time for yourself to relax and recoup.

A Happy Parent on the Eden Castle Preschool Learning Experience

Independent learning is not something that can be sprung upon a child all of a sudden during some phase of his formal education. Rather it is a process that needs to be inculcated at the earliest stage so that they are well equipped to go through life equipped with the right attitude, motivation, and skillsets to chart a successful life for themselves.

Simply stated, promoting independent learning in children is just putting into practice the oft quoted old saying, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime!”


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