Tips to teach your preschooler the importance of hand wash

Tips to encourage a pre-schooler to wash their hands

The world is battling against the epidemic of COVID 19, and health regulation boards recommend washing your hands regularly. From UNICEF to WHO, all are championing this exercise. Apart from serving as a precaution against Corona Virus it also prevents one from being infected by a common cold or flu.

What is Corona Virus? How is it transmitted?

Before implementing the necessary precautionary measures it is important to understand what is this virus and how is it transmitted. Corona Virus is a respiratory disease that is transferred to another via a cough or sneeze droplets. It passes on if an affected person places a tissue paper or towel that’s used to blow their nose on a surface and another person touches the same place. Hence, it’s integral for one to regularly wash their hands especially before touching their faces.

Handwash and its importance explained

Now that you have the lowdown, it is important to educate your pre-schooler. Merely talking about it isn’t going to do the job. A pre-schooler understands best with a practical demonstration, hence here’s a video that offers young children an in-depth explanation. It clearly shows them how washing hands can help protect an individual from viruses and infections.

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Handwash- The right procedure

Apart from just washing your hands, it’s important to know the right procedure. Wouldn’t you agree? The correct way entails five steps. Start by rinsing your hands in cold water, squirt a generous dollop of soap on your hand, and spend a minimum of 20 seconds cleansing the front, the back, in between the fingers, the fingertips, and the palm. Rub both the hands against each other, rinse it in water, and finish the activity by drying your hands preferably with a disposable paper towel.

Tips to get your pre-schooler to practice handwash

If your pre-schooler isn’t enthused about washing his/her hands, there’s a lot that you can do. Hence you could begin, by regularly washing your hands. Because more often than not, a child mostly imitates what a parent does. You can make the hand wash exercise fun by accompanying it with a song or a rhyme. ‘The Happy Birthday Song’ or every toddler’s favorite nursery rhyme ‘Row Row your boat’ are appropriately timed to complete a rigorous hand wash.

Sometimes a pre-schooler may simply forget to wash their hands. A gentle reminder is much-needed especially before a meal and after using the washroom. Make the activity easy by placing a stool in front of the sink, so that he/she can reach it without any difficulty. In the beginning, it’s best if you supervise this activity. Offer praise, each time he/she diligently practices this hand wash routine it gives a child immense pleasure.

Francis Bacon, quoted ‘knowledge is power.’ Hence, as a parent, it is your duty to impart knowledge to kids about hygienic practices and germs alike. Looking at your child’s gullible face, you may be wondering how to educate him/her about these things?

Activities that encourage a pre-schooler to wash their hands

There are several hand wash rhymes that re-instate all that you’ve been explaining about hand wash. You could engage your pre-schooler in coloring or craft activities that depict hygienic practices or perhaps the different types of germs. You can support this activity with an explanation telling your pre-schooler all that they need to know. There are also several stories and books that you could read to your pre-schooler in order to make them understand the importance of maintaining personal cleanliness. Few of which include Germs are not for sharing by Elizabeth Verdick, I don’t want to wash my Hands by Tony Ross and The Germ Busters by Rosemary Wells are a few among them. With the upsurge in the number of people who are battling Covid 19, how are you contributing to spreading awareness in your preschooler’s life? Your child’s future depends on all that you make him/her practice in their daily routine. Hence, it’s time to act quickly and wisely.

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