3 effective ways to teach your preschooler the lesson of kindness

Teach your child the lesson of kindness

Recognition of numbers, colors, letters, shapes, and words are all indicators of early childhood development. But all in all, this also a time to instill values in your preschooler. Because essentially all that your child repeatedly sees and practices, is what he/she grows up to be. Which characteristic trait makes an individual a better person? It’s the ability to care and be kind to those around you. These attributes make an individual lovable. Wouldn’t you agree? Your preschooler isn’t too young to express these emotions. Whether you realize it or not, a preschooler is capable of expressing this. It’s visible in their bursts of affection, their ability to share and their thoughtful gestures. You can heighten these qualities of theirs in more ways than you know. Read along, who knows some of these suggestions can impact your child in a significant way.

Work on that vocabulary

Skimming through picture books is sure to help your toddler recognize colors, shapes, letters, and fruits. But there is a set of words that may or may not be depicted in a picture book, which should be introduced to a child. These are the words that are commonly used to describe feelings. For example, sad, excited, pain, hurt, happy, etc. In your conversations, find ways to throw in these words. It enables your toddler to identify feelings and be receptive to another person’s feelings too.
Seat your toddler down with a photo album and point out to his/her varied expressions. At a crying photo of his/hers, you could perhaps introduce your child to the emotion of crankiness. At a picture of him/her gleefully smiling you can introduce the feeling of joy. With this, you can briefly tell your little one how kind deeds make a person happy. Furthermore, remind your child of instances when he/she has done such an act. Perhaps then, a child can understand the impact of their actions.

Model care and kindness

You may be unaware of the enormity of the situation, but as a parent, your actions leave an imprint on the child’s mind. Hence, one of the best ways to teach your child the virtue of being caring and kind is practicing it yourself. While conversing with your better half, inquire with him/her about how their day was.
Furthermore, your toddler also notices your every move even the manner in which you console someone. These instances have a lasting impression on their minds. You will be pleasantly surprised, but a child might just mimic the act in his/her interactions with people.

It takes practice

How would your child know that it’s important to be sensitive towards another’s feelings? Like other things, even care and kindness comes with practice. And this can be achieved by encouraging your child to interact with different kinds of people. Only then would he/she know that what one person thinks maybe the complete opposite of the way another thinks.
Entrust your child with the responsibility of caring for someone else. It can be something as basic as feeding the fish. This will teach him/her the act of tending to another living being’s needs. Even around his/her vicinity, there are many opportunities to demonstrate to him/her the different ways of caring and being kind. Lending a toy to a crying child or providing assistance to a senior citizen are a few acts you can encourage your child to do.

Going that extra mile can benefit your child in unimaginable ways. Kindness leads to happiness, spreads positivity and builds relationships. Wouldn’t you want kindness and care to be the cornerstones of your child’s life? We at Eden Castle Preschool want our Edenites to be ingrained with moral values.
Happy Parenting!

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