Online Learning Program at Eden Castle Preschool | Here’s what to Expect


Covid-19 has altered everyday living in unimaginable ways and the educational journey of today’s children has been severely hampered. After being cut away from learning activities transitioning from traditional classroom learning into online learning has somewhere baffled them. But online learning is the only option we have at the moment. Hence at Eden Castle, we have specially designed the program keeping all the above-listed factors in mind. In our own ways, we have bridged the gap between ‘Play, Learn & Grow’ to ‘Now, Play, Learn & Grow Online.’ Here’s what you can expect from our online program.

Online Class Protocol

1. Number of Attendees

Each class has a limited capacity of 12 students. This is to ensure that we are able to monitor each child’s progress and development.

2. Session Duration

Our sessions last through a stretch of 40 minutes because children have wandering minds.

3. Session Frequency

Our sessions are conducted as often as thrice a week so that a child is studying but isn’t overburdened.

4. Time-tested Teaching Technique

Like the regular program, even our online program is based on the principle of ‘Play Learn and Grow.’ And each of these three attributes is ticked off in each of our online classes.

5. Backed by an Experienced Team

Our programs are conducted by well-trained facilitators who are attuned to a child’s learning capabilities.

Online Program Curriculum

1. Online Fitness Sessions

With everyone holed up indoors, we don’t want our little one’s energy levels to dip down. Hence our online fitness sessions will keep them active.

2. Confidence and Skill Enrichment

The limited interaction with the outside world has confused young children. Now they might have gotten used to this environment, but how will they readjust to attending school once normalcy is restored. They might just retreat into a cocoon. Hence, in order to keep them self-motivated, we have designed this program for them.

3. Music & Movement Sessions

These sessions add a happy element in their weekly schedules.

4. Early Literacy and Listening Skills

Knowledge equips a child with the power to look after themselves in the world. And that’s easiest attained through reading and listening. Hence an entire session is dedicated to perfecting those skills.

5. Arts and Craft

That spurt of color is sure to brighten their day and mood. Who knows in the course of this sessions you might just discover that your child is an artistic genius.

What are you waiting for? Ensure that there are no obstacles in your child’s developmental journey. It’s the best time to ingrain in your child’ that no matter what the situation is one must not stop learning. And we at Eden Castle Preschool are here to cater to your child’s learning needs with our Online Learning Program.

Happy Parenting!

Has your child’s ‘learning curve’ flattened as a result of Covid-19? You can correct that with our , ‘Online Preschool.’ For more details or for a free trial session fill in the form or call us on 8130812027

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