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Being locked down affects children the hardest, simply because their early years are directly related to growth through activity.This extraordinary phase should also never affect their learning and development. Letting your child binge watch cartoons on TV is sadly not learning. It is just killing time.

Eden Castle Preschool & Early Years Online Preschool Program provides age-appropriate knowledge in a nurturing environment – the comfort of their own homes, safe & secure. We offer a curriculum that is multi-faceted, proven, which grows with your child.

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Why choose Our Preschool Online Program

Since 2003

Helping Play, Learn & Grow

From 1.5 – 5 years

Multi-level, Proven Curriculum

Personal Attention

Wholesome Personal Development

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Our Online Program Includes 

What Makes it a Different Learning Experience

Payal Kalra : Academic Consultant at Eden Castle

  • Online Classroom Size is restricted to 12 children
  • Each Session of Info-learning is of 40-minutes
  • Not more than 3 Sessions Weekly per Learning Program
  • A Proven Preschool Curriculum since 2003
  • Highly Experienced Early Development Tutors
  • Activity Sheets, Worksheets & Videos in your Inbox

We recognise the different learning styles, abilities and interests of each child. Our strong team of mentors and early learning specialists help create a HAPPY environment online where children are eager to learn, play & grow.

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Happy Children & Happy Parents

Nursery (3-4 years)

Toddler/Play Group (1.6 – 2.5 years)

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