Let there be Love | The importance of loving your child

In any cross-section of human beings as a community or group, some are withdrawn, hostile, insecure or aggressive. What is the cause of this attitude? Parents and past experiences play a crucial role in the behavioral patterns of individuals. At Eden Castle Preschool, we believe it is critical, yes, critical, to have parents shower their little ones with love, because it’s never enough. And the lack of it has detrimental effects in adulthood. And, here’s how the insensitivity from your end shapes your child’s life.

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1. Low self-esteem

The negligence from your end results in the child developing a feeling of unworthiness. Thereby, he/she trudges through life with a sense of inadequacy. He/she questions every achievement and life’s biggest challenge becomes believing that one is good enough.

2. Unfulfilled Relationships

The absence of love in a child’s life leads to poor quality relationships as adults. More often than not, such children are withdrawn. This conditions them to be either defensive or protective. The lack of love diminishes the ability to give love.
Hence, the daily dose of love is a necessity for your child to have loving relationships. It enables an individual to ease into relationships with trust and acceptance. Indifferent parents see their child grown into insecure, anxious, and fearful adults. And establishing and maintaining relationships is an ongoing challenge they deal with.

3. Slow brain development

Unbelievable as it may sound a child’s brain development is proportional to the affection he/she receives. A mother’s love improves memory and fosters brain development. And the lack of love slows down the pace of development.

Research suggests that the children of loving parents have a larger hippocampus. ‘Hippocampus’ is the portion of the brain which deals with stress management, memory retention, and learning ability.

To sum it up, your child’s future relationships, professional growth, and self-worth are dependent on the love you shower. Therefore, Eden Castle Preschool identifies ways in which a parent can cultivate a loving relationship with a child.

In the preschool stage, you can engulf your child in love through hugs, cuddles, and kisses. You should make hugging an everyday ritual. And if your child breaches the code of conduct, discipline him/her in a loving manner. Because this act shows him/her that despite making a mistake the love is not lost.

Conversations are a welcome way to foster love between a parent and child. Hence, engage in chitter chatter with your child. And engage him/her in fun-filled activities like dancing and singing together are beneficial.

How does love help? The playful banter between parent and child leads to the generation of a hormone called oxytocin. This hormone is also called the love hormone and plays the role of a relationship enhancer.

Eden Castle Preschool loves it Edenites dearly and we wish for them to have bright futures. It is a given, parents love their children. But, sometimes you forget to express this feeling. Your child’s future successes depend on you, together let’s work towards making the world a more lovable place to live in.

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