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the benefits of boredom in a child

Strange as it may sound, boredom isn’t as boring as it seems. On the contrary, this state, opens up a world full of possibilities, before the person in question. Hence, welcome this emotion in your child’s life. Stop to analyze, have you turned your preschooler into a busy bee? Is your child’s schedule broken up into school, play dates, and activities? Allocate some free time in your preschooler’s daily routine and delight in the benefits of boredom.

1. It creates a sense of self-awareness

Boredom guides a child towards self-awareness. Because when they are caught in some activity or the other, it’s impossible to introspect and understand yourself. Furthermore, as a result of the chaotic lives we lead, mindfulness has caught on. Your preschooler could strike a life-long engagement with this practice, by simply being bored. How you may be wondering? Because in such a situation, a child transitions into a relaxed state of mind. Therefore, he/she gains awareness of the present moment, which is the first stage of mindfulness. One gets the time to pause and admire the world and its offerings. Anything from a flying bird to a shred of paper can be a source of fascination for a child.

2. It nurtures creativity

Creativity is over and above that artistic masterpiece that everyone pauses to appreciate. Rather creativity can be used to describe the ability to think out of the box. Being bored pushes a child to try a different sort of activity. It could be anything ranging from craftwork to merely playing with a ball. But let their thoughts take their own course of action. It gives your little one a chance to tap into their imagination, make use of the available resources, and entertain themselves.
Furthermore, it initiates lessons in problem-solving. Because the forlorn feeling that comes with being bored is what a preschooler learns to maneuver around. Leave a child with nothing to do and their antics will surprise you.

3. Works as a confidence-booster

Once a preschooler decides how to put their time to use, and tries something new, the level of self-confidence increases. Furthermore, the activity is not confined to any pre-determined constraints. There is no specified time frame to finish a particular task, and neither is there the pressure of being judged. Hence, whether right or wrong, it’s integral to let your child be every once in a while. Who knows? This could be instrumental in your child discovering his/her true calling.

4. It is a stress-buster

One cannot argue, that stimulation is important but overstimulation results in a heightened level of stress. Would you want to subject your child to a strain of this sort? That’s why it’s important to key in those breaks for the mind and body likewise. How your preschooler decides to use this time, is a decision that you must not interfere in. Because this period of inactivity provides a child with a much-needed pause to soak in the surroundings and observe all things big and small. One of the many benefits of boredom is that it is a journey of self-discovery.

5. It kindles curiosity

Curiosity is a pre-requisite that guides keen learners, don’t you think so? A phase of boredom ignites questions in a child’s mind. Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that being bored aids in learning.
Now that you’ve ascertained the benefits of boredom,  how are you going to introduce it in your child’s life? Here are a few tips to introduce those phases of boredom.

  • Keep a no-activity day-  In your preschooler’s fast-paced schedule set aside one day to do absolutely nothing. And let your little one can do what he/she pleases.
  • Engage your child in an open-ended activity- Provide your child with essential craft supplies and see what he/she creates with it.
  • Use household supplies as toys- A thread roll, a swab of cotton, spare buttons, or even an unused piece of fabric can encourage a child to participate in free play.
  • Deal with the mess – Your child might make a mess out of things while pursuing a particular activity. Get your little one to help you tidy up after completion of a task.
  • Practice what you preach- If you scroll on your phone or tablet, simply out of boredom don’t be appalled if your child does the same. Hence refrain from being glued to your gadgets.

Think about it, at the end of the day when you reminisce about your childhood days, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it your favorite Barbie doll or sports car? Or is it the instances that gave you immense joy? More often than not, it’s the latter option. Now you know that you have to smilingly respond to your child’s every, ‘I am bored Mom!’ As a parent, we tend to go overboard, but sometimes it’s important to know when to stop. Step back, watch your children amuse themselves, and become an independent observer/learner in the process.

Happy Parenting!

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