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The environment is under constant treat. Each day the number of trees are reducing, water resources are depleting, animals are on the brink of extinction and oxygen is used up faster than it is produced. Our children may not grow up to the same environment. Global warming and climate change has resulted in its own series of hazardous effects. To secure the future of our planet we can engage the future generation to participate in protecting the environment. Eden Castle preschool has identified environmental awareness activities for kids.

1. Gardening Education

Encase your preschoolers hands in gloves, to keep them protected while gardening. Carefully explain to him/her how food and nourishment results in their growth. Similarly, flowers require to watered and kept in sunlight in order to bloom. You can also help him/her plant flowers. Unconsciously he/she is realizing the importance of tending to the environment.

2. Regular Nature Walk

This environmental awareness activity is recommended because in order to protect the environment he/she has to carefully observe it. Seeing animals in their natural habitat and observing the beauty of greenery will contribute towards making them considerate towards the environment. Return back and give him/her the lowdown on environmental threats and brainstorm on ways to prevent the same. Their responses could leave you startled because they remain unaffected by obstacles.

3. Start recycling

Waste is segmented into organic, dry and reject waste. Your pre-schooler is not too young to understand and practice the same. Before you know it your child will be doing his/her bit by living life in an environment friendly way. Furthermore, all the stash that you are waiting to recycle can be a part of your preschooler’s craft experiment.

4. Engage in clean-up

Clean-up may seem like a task to you, but little one’s sure do love it. Keep aside a day and participate in cleaning up the neighborhood. Apart from working towards community wellness you are educating your child about litter and pollution.

5. Teach him/her a lesson on empathy

Shrilly letting out a scream if a bug enters your house premises will give off the wrong message. Rather demonstrate kindness, and perhaps say something like, ‘Look who’s come to see us,’ and tactfully make way for the bug to fly out. This act will enable your child to understand that every living being needs to be given care and treated with respect.

6. Solar Power-

Along with the daily routine of switching off the lights, you can help your child understand the workings of solar power. Let him/her help you put the clothes for drying in the sun, and learn of its unimaginable benefits. Light up your backyard with a solar jars and explain to him/her the importance of using solar power.

Are you doing your bit and walking towards a greener and safer future? Is your child aware of environmental threats that are plaguing our planet? Contemplate these questions and work towards saving the Earth and all of its resources. Eden Castle Preschool urges parents of Edenites to engage in these environmental awareness activities for kids and better quality of life for the present and future generation.


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