Color it up | Benefits of coloring for Preschoolers

Parents think up new ways of keeping children occupied, why not give coloring a shot. This activity is not limited to fostering creativity, there are many other benefits of coloring. In case you are tied up with another activity, don’t hesitate to let your child spend some time coloring. Eden Castle Preschool finds coloring is crucial for child development and hence has it as an integral part of the curriculum.

1. Develop Patience

Coloring is a time-consuming activity, and one has to be completely involved in the task at hand. They wait to feel that sense of achievement, on completing a page. The child who may otherwise run around stays put in one place and colors. It is a detail-oriented activity, hence he/she develops an eye for the finer details which are not otherwise apparent.

2. Learning new concepts

What is a straight line? Which shape is this? How to distinguish light green from dark green? How will he/she understand patterns? You may be wondering how your child will learn all of this. Simply let him/her colour and the concepts will be sown in his/her mind. While a child colors, it helps him/her in color recognition.

3. Cultivates creativity

He/she is coloring outside the line, therefore your child is not creatively inclined. If that’s your concern brush it aside. Encourage the activity anyway, because an imaginary world is taking shape in his/her mind. And thinking up different colour combinations and striving to create a pleasing picture, makes one creative. Demonstrate the upward and downward stroke and show him/her how to cover spaces. Your child will follow pursuit.

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4. A therapy like no other

A child finds it challenging to state what’s angering or saddening him/her. And coloring helps deal with that, it serves as a channel to vent out pent up anger. If you notice your child exerting effort to haphazardly colour, it’s his/her way of coping. And thereby one of the many benefits of coloring is the calm that follows.

5. Sharpens their focus

Adults often face the challenge of focusing on one activity. In order to sharpen your child’s focus, allow him/her to colour. It is an activity which heightens concentration and sharpens focus. This is a life- skill that can be easily taught through this experience. The boundaries within which a child colors helps ease the process of writing.

6. Fluidity in hand-eye coordination

Griping the crayon, sharpening it and choosing the desired color has invaluable advantages. Hence, the activity propels the child keep his eye focused on the line while simultaneously exercising his hand and filling up the space within it.This is yet another benefit of coloring.

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