Here’s how Covid 19 has affected a Preschooler’s Life

Covid 19 and its effect on a preschooler

Covid 19 has impacted the world in numerous ways, some of its effects are apparent and some are not. Whether or not your preschooler has grasped the magnitude of the situation this pandemic has even affected their minds. A whole new dialogue on ‘pandemic parenting’ has surfaced. Battling your own worries you may be unable to identify their concerns to assist them. So here’s an overview of Covid-19 and its effects on a preschooler’s life.

1. Growing Anxiety

Schools have been closed for quite a while but are those anxiety levels at an all-time high? Being hoarded indoors could result in some changes in their behavior. Has your preschooler become clingy at bed-time? Have the questions become more? Does separation from you make them immensely sad? Or do loud noises scare them? This sudden anxiety is a result of the prevalent situation, the heightened levels of anxiety in their parents, the inability to communicate, and family tiffs. These are uncertain times and preschoolers thrive in routine, predictability, and structure.

How to cope with this? If you haven’t established a routine yet do it now. You could also allocate different spots in the house for different activities. In their daily routines keep intact the getting dressed for school routine and add a fun hand wash routine. Empower your child with knowledge, share age-appropriate information because the lack of it can further make them anxious. Reassure them in every possible way. Hence, in case you are running an errand inform your child that you are stepping out and will be home soon. In your conversations gently remind them that normalcy will be restored. Speak to them about their preschools keep them connected to their friends it will help cope with gloominess.

2. Improper Sleep Patterns

With schools shut has getting your preschooler to sleep become a tedious task? Like adults, even their sleeping cycles have drastically altered. You might notice that sleep doesn’t come to them easily anymore. Or they might wake up with a nightmare. The bed-wetting has all of a sudden resurfaced. How do you ensure that they get a quality good night’s sleep?

How to Cope with this? A preschooler requires 10-14 hours to be adequately rested. To guarantee that busy your child with at least one physical activity in the day so that it tires them. Another thing you can do is monitoring the quality of content that reaches your child prior to their bedtime. Because all the serious Covid discussions at the dinner table could be a cause of stress. Hence it is advisable to refrain or rather eliminate screen time before bed-time. Prepone the pre-bedtime ritual, read stories, and list out the things that you are thankful for with your child.

3. Poor Mental Health

Inactivity, being distanced from their friends, and the lack of outdoor activity has perhaps made them sullen, sulky, and miserable. They could be encountering learning difficulties as well. Perhaps their spirits are down and the mood is bad because of all that’s going on around them. It is essential to keep them happy in this dire situation.

How to Cope with this? Engage your child in an enjoyable activity of some sort. Whether it’s singing, dancing, or baking. Furthermore, encourage your child to do good deeds. It could be something as simple as making a greeting card for their grandparents, teachers or friends. Fulfilling responsibilities helps make a child feel good about themselves. Offer your child praise on the completion of tasks it works as a confidence booster. Read books watch kid-friendly movies and strengthen your bond with your child. Apart from all of this shower you child with unconditional love and care.

4. Developmental Milestones are getting missed

For every developmental milestone to be met there is a ‘sensitive period.’ In these periods a child is more likely to acquire a particular skill than in any time frame before or after. And the preschool years involve ticking off many developmental milestones that are crucial for overall development. The movement milestones include playing with the ball using the staircase, hopping, and effortlessly walking. Moving on to the hand movements in this stage, a child is able to copy simple shapes, use scissors, and write capital letters.

In terms of cognitive development, a child starts naming colors, participates in fantasy play, follows commands, and understands the concept of time. While in the social and emotional front a child gains independence, engages in peer interactions, and becomes curious about the world around them. The process of accomplishing these developmental milestones is rather fast-paced in preschool because of its daily activities. Would you want your child to miss this ‘sensitive period’ altogether? With no school, there is a heightened possibility of this happening.
How to cope with it? To ensure that your child doesn’t miss out on any of the above-listed milestones introduce activities to support learning. Make learning fun, so that it doesn’t become a tiresome activity for a child. But it is important to understand that staying at home their attention spans could have decreased. Hence make sure you don’t over-exert your child. Apart from that, there is an alternate option in terms of online learning. We at Eden Castle Preschool have established an Online Preschool to enable children to, ‘Now Play, Learn and Grow Online.’ Covid-19 has had many effects on a preschooler’s life but let us not rob them of an opportunity to learn and grow.

Happy Parenting!

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