Note to all Mothers – Please do indulge in Self-love


‘Motherhood’ is a role that encompasses several others in it. Simply, cooing and awing at other people’s children is the easy part. But, being a mother, on the other hand, is a full-time duty. Hence, it is common to neglect yourself in the journey. Eden Castle Preschool advises mothers to engage in self-care. It influences a child’s well-being. Prioritizing your child’s needs over your own may seem natural. And self- care may not seem so important, but here’s why self-love for mothers is integral.

1. You are the binding force

Whether you’re a working or a non-working mother, whether you’re supported by domestic help or not. The onus lies on your shoulders and nothing lessens a mother’s responsibilities. Ill-health or the eventual burn-out has a direct impact on the harmony of your household. Your checklist entails ensuring everything is in order and supporting your child through the developmental stages. And this can be best achieved when you are well-taken care of. Brush aside the guilt and set aside some ‘me-time’ and practice self-love it will do your family a world of good.

2. You are the emotional index

The happier you are, the happier your child will be. Because a mother’s mood sets the tone of the house. Hence, indulging in self-care has invaluable benefits. And heightened positivity from your end rubs off on your child. In your to-do list ensure enlisting an activity simply because it makes you happy.

3. You have an enormous impact on your child’s life

It is more common than not, for adults to recall their mother’s words. It may not seem all that relevant now, and mothers often feel their words bounce around in an empty space. But you will be surprised to know, that the things you say have an impact on your child’s life. For your child to value you in the future, it is integral you start valuing yourself now.

4. You set an example for the future

You are your child’s biggest role model, and he/she grows up to be a reflection of you. Thereby, gratifying yourself with self-love is a good example to set before your child. Seeking help when needed will encourage your child to follow the same pursuit. Why does one assume that there are no boundaries when it comes to motherhood? Mothers are undoubtedly super-heroes, but it’s okay to have an off day every once in a while. It’s okay to seek help to resolve problems. These simple acts encourage a child to set realistic expectations for themselves in the future.

5. You will one day analyze your life

Your child is growing up and that incessant need for support is going to diminish. Have you been busying your life around your child’s? Just remember your little one will leave the nest. And all that you’ll be left with is an empty void. In the process of nurturing your child don’t forget to indulge in self-love.

Eden Castle Preschool loves its Edenites dearly, but we hold high-regard for their mothers. The duty of mothering is round the clock. Today we urge all the mothers, to simply read a book, go shopping or just rest in. It will rejuvenate you and your child will be happier with its effects. It may have been a while since someone told you this but your doing an incredible job.

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