How to Tell if Your Child is Ready for Preschool Learning


Preschools generally accept children as early as 18 months. But is your child ready to start preschool? Each child reaches developmental milestones at his or her own pace and there is no general rule of thumb that can state at what age your child can start preschool.

Preschool readiness is not just about where your child is developmentally. It includes factors such as physical, social, emotional, and cognitive progress because preschool requires your child to be able to cope with a structured schedule in a group setting.

All these need to be taken into account while deciding if your child is ready to start his/her journey of education.

Though there is no single rule, the best way to address this is by assessing your child for readiness for preschool learning with the following list of questions.

1. Can your child spend time away from you without separation anxiety?
2. Does your child have the physical stamina for preschool?
3. Is your child reasonably independent?
4. Does your child work on his/her own?
5. Can your child communicate in such a way that an unfamiliar adult can understand him?
6. Can your child understand what an unfamiliar adult says?
7. Does your child do well playing with others or in group activities?
8. Can your child follow a regular schedule?
9. Is your child potty trained? (Of course leaving room for occasional accidents)
10. What are your reasons for sending your child to preschool?

Please bear in mind that this is again a general list of questions and in the following weeks, we will be discussing each of these in detail. However, preschool readiness is not merely a checklist of skills and this list is by no means foolproof. So spend time with your child, observe him/her closely and then gauge for yourself if your child is ready, or discuss it with someone who also spends a considerable amount of time with your child, and cares about his/her wellbeing. Then come to a decision.

And once you do, Eden Castle Preschool is here for you to ease your way into this important journey for your child and you.

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