Daddy Dearest | The Changing Roles of Fatherhood in Modern Times


The traditional image of the father is one of lawgiver, moral arbiter, disciplinarian and CEO of the home economy. This was the opposite of the mother, who submissively cared for her husband, children and home.

Today’s dads understand that’s not enough. One must provide, but also nurture and guide. They understand that a heart-to-heart connection with their children is critical. Forget about the guy who came home from work, patted his kids on the head, fell into his favorite recliner and reached for the TV remote. Today’s dad has more of himself invested in the role. They take their children for soccer, music, dance classes. They can be seen with kids for doctors’ appointments, PTMs, birthday parties, shopping, holidays – they do it all, with moms or without !

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More fathers than ever are participating in their children’s nurturing and upbringing. It’s encouraging to see the new breed of fathers at homes, play groups and playgrounds – territories that has traditionally been dominated by moms.They sure are shattering societal norms that were established generations ago. If we see the birthing history in Indian homes, our grand dads never visited maternity wards in their life, and their sons mostly chose to wait out in the living room, while a meager handful dragged themselves as far as the hospital waiting lounges, not a step further. Today’s dads can be seen actively supporting their wives in the labor rooms, helping bring their own children into the world.

When fathers care for children, there are amazing benefits that accrue to both fathers and their children. For those fathers who have not participated as much in raising their children, it’s never too late to change behaviors. This will help fathers become closer to their children no matter when they increase their involvement.

Fathers participating more and more in their children’s upbringing isn’t a trend but a permanent and pleasant cultural shift, one we can hope grows with time.

Young Dads and the Changing Approach to Fatherhood

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