Child First – Eden Castle Preschool’s Guiding Policy


If you were to ask us the most important principle on which we run our school, we would answer without a moment’s thought – we believe the child comes first. That is the guiding principle around which we have built all our core standards to offer a holistic approach to children’s early education.

Each child is unique in his or her early learning process. Broadly speaking, early learning is a process of exploration that every child undertakes and they need to be given the time and space to pursue this at their own pace. No two children are alike in this pursuit, and child has their own unique needs during this phase.

Children’s brains need to be steadily challenged and stimulated, encouraging them to study and understand their environment. At Eden Castle, we recognize this and cater to the needs of each child with personalized attention. That is why we offer a curriculum that ensures that every child is exposed to opportunities and activities that are suitable for their phase of development and thus ensure that they play an active role in learning.

Rather than a curriculum, we offer what we would like to call a child development plan which takes into consideration knowledge gained about the child through conversations with the parents and knowledge gleaned by close observation of the child and interaction with them over a period of time. This is fundamental to providing the best and most effective form of teaching. This also builds trust on the child’s part in the teacher.

Children are the most important resource for the future of Mankind. When we realize that, we will also see how important their education and personality development is. And the early years are when the foundation for the healthy progress of both needs to be laid. We consider it our sacred duty to provide our children with the best possible environment in which they can grow and learn the skills that will help them face any challenge and build a better life for themselves and a better future for Mankind.

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