8 Games to help your Preschooler Identify Colours

Colours! What are they? Sometimes it’s a splotch that brightens your day and at other times it’s nothing more than a mood preference. Can your preschooler understand the concept of colour and distinguish one colour from the other? Wouldn’t you want to brighten your child’s life with the essence of hues? There are numerous ways to make colour-learning an enjoyable affair for both you and your child. This blog takes you through a few routine activities and fun games that help your preschooler to identify colours.

1. Color up their Meals

The brighter the food the more health-giving it is. Apart from giving your child the essential nutrients, it works as a lesson on colours. Name the colour of the food before serving it to your child. You could include statements like, ‘Do you want a slice of brown bread?’ Should I spread pink jam on your bread? Will you eat a slice of this red tomato?’ or ‘Do you want to munch on this orange carrot?’ You could also involve your child in the activity by allowing him/her to choose between varied coloured foods. Like green grapes which are easy to pluck or choosing a flavored yogurt should be fun.

2. Brighten up Bath-time

Turn bath time into an activity that includes a myriad of colours. If possible you could run a bath in the tub for your child. Keeping a host of chromatic coloured toys makes bathing a pleasurable activity for kids. A bright-coloured mug a vibrantly patterned towel and an eye-catching soapbox also makes shower time exciting. You can make bathing an unforgettable experience by leaving a tray of ice to freeze and spraying food coloring on it. Affix a straw on the other end, scoop it out and place it in the water. The intermixing between water and colour fascinates a child.

3. Match the following

This activity intrigues a child and contributes to colour recognition. Place coloured sheets of paper around your child. And present him/her with colourful balls or socks. In the midst of having a fun time, your child is acquiring the ability to identify colours all by themselves.

4. Sort it and align it

Give your toddler a set of colourful buttons to sift through. Instruct him/her to place all the same-coloured buttons in a single pile. This color-sorting activity also works towards improving concentration.

5. Explore your surroundings

Evenings in the park can be transformed into a lesson on colours. Give your little one, a tiny scrap of coloured paper before stepping out. Assist him/her to look around and find objects of the same colour. It could the green of the leaves or the blue of the skies. On returning home, ask your tiny tot to draw all the similar-coloured objects that he/she spotted.

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6. Turn your little one into a Fashionista

Instead of picking out their clothes let your toddler be the decision-maker. Layout a tee and three options for their bottoms. Transfer the reigns of control to your child. While conversing you could point out how the yellow flowers on the black top make a perfect combination with a yellow skirt. He/she might favor a preference of their own and become trend-setters in the process.

7. Paint that masterpiece

That splotch of colour might worry you, but it’s a wonderful game to teach your preschooler about colours. You could whip up finger-paint at home instead of letting your child use the store-purchased ones. Mix ½ a portion of corn starch in two cups of water and add a generous amount of food coloring to it. Let your little one smear his/her hands in the paint and embellish it on paper. Who knows by the end of the activity your preschooler could have a new favorite color.

8. Mould clay models

Unleash your child’s imagination by handing him/her colourful mounds of clay dough. Sculpting out figures aids in color recognition. Apart from that this activity nurtures their creativity and improves hand-eye coordination.

Why does colour recognition hold such an important place in your preschooler’s learning curve? Perhaps it’s because colour permeates every aspect of our surroundings. Towards whichever direction you attune your gaze there’s a splurge of color. Colour learning also supports learning in other branches of study. A child picks up new words in the process. It also proves to be useful while practicing Math because it educates a child about sorting, comparing, and organizing. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for your little to be a choosy colour picker?


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