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7 games to improve concentration in a child

Wasn’t recalling those equations and memorizing the tables so difficult? Your child isn’t going to be spared either. Brain development is maximum during the first 5 years of an individual’s life. Hence, to make things easier, there’s a lot that you can do during their preschool years. Knowledge is not merely imparted through text books, the world offers a plethora of opportunities to educate kids. You can bring about a difference, by introducing a few games in their daily routine.

1. Building Blocks

This is one game, a kid never tires of. Knowing of its many benefits you might clock in an extra hour for your child to play the game. As a child rummages the stack of chromatic blocks and makes shapes, your little one is tapping into his/her imagination. That’s not all, picking up and affixing the blocks enhances hand eye co-ordination. It aids in color recognition as well. It is a sure shot way to keep their attention attuned to a particular task for a span of 15 to 20 minutes.

2. Place the object

It’s a simple game that contributes to vocabulary enrichment in a child’s life. The game entails showing your little one flashcards which depict objects. He/she should then find a similar object in the vicinity. This exercise leads to object recognition. Hunting for the object, enhances their motor skills. Besides that, this activity betters their pronunciation as well.

3. Simon Says

Round up a group of kids and engage them in this game. It’s super fun and enthralls them. Stand in the middle and elicit commands to the kids and just attach the phrase ‘Simon says’ before your every command. If a child performs the activity despite the phrase being said, he/she loses points. This simple game betters their ability to listen and follow instructions.

4. Touch those textures

Children at this age are curious beings who like to touch anything and everything. Let your child run his/her fingers through sand, bubbles, shaving cream or clay. Touching varied textures, enables him/her to distinguish one from the other.

5. Sort it out

Coins of different denominations, buttons and pebbles gather it all up. Once that’s done, seat your little one beside you and line up a sequence for him/her to see. With a cloth cover it and let your child create the same pattern. If your child succeeds, celebrate his/her success and if not gently prod him/her towards the right direction.

6. Mirror Game

Simply get your child to gaze at the mirror and observe both your reflections. Transform your face, by making different expressions. Bring to his/her notice the parts of a body by pointing out your eyes, nose and ears. To further educate your child in the process ask him/her to point at their own or your body parts.

7. Open the picture book

Gazing at the photos in a picture book is an excellent way to educate a child. If it’s an animal book you can make those animal sounds. And if it’s a picture book of fruits you can single out the fruit’s most distinctive feature and name the fruit. At the end, you can also quiz your child about all that’s been discussed. This is an excellent way for him/her to retain the name of the fruit or animal.

We at Eden Castle Preschool wish for our Edenites to benefit from such activities and sharpen their memory. As parents, you can set aside some time to include a couple of games in their daily routine. Let our kids be better prepared to face the challenges that come in the field of academics.

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