19 – 23 February 2018 | Making Eating Fun with the Food Festival Week


Making Food & Eating Fun

Most of the children these days are fussy eaters, who usually get stuck on one kind of food or taste. That may not provide a wholesome balanced diet to the children. In order to help children develop a taste for all kinds of food, Eden Castle Preschool & Early Years a “Food Festival Week” at school.

Please send our young Edenites with the following type of food packed for the days mentioned below.

19th FebruaryMondayStuffed Parantha
20th FebruaryTuesdayAny Dry Vegetable and Chapatti
21st  FebruaryWednesdayDal & Rice
22nd FebruaryThursdaySandwiches / Pasta
23rd FebruaryFridayFavorite Food


Let’s Celebrate Healthy & Wholesome Eating !

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