Play Group / Toddlers’ Program

  • Toddler-School-Preschool-in-Gurugram-Eden-Castle-Preschool
  • Preschool-in-Gurugram-Toddler-School-Playschool-Eden-Castle
  • Age group : 1.5 years +
  • Class size : 5
  • Timings: 10.00 am - 12.00 pm
  • Admission Status : Open
  • Transportation : Available

Back to School ! Admissions Open for 2022-23 for Paschim Vihar & Gurugram

Play is the highest form of Research

A simple, slow paced fun program which takes advantage of the toddler’s natural drive to act independently. The atmosphere is positive, supportive and non-competitive, where dedicated, nurturing teachers implement a toddler- centric curriculum to foster cognitive development, speech development, strengthen fine and gross motor skills, introduce grace and courtesy lessons, and promote independence.

The Play Group / Toddlers’ Program contains a selection of psycho-sensorial exercises, a lot of singing and physical movement. Activities are changed regularly in response to children’s need for variety and challenge as they grow and learn.

Children begin to understand the value of being an emotional being, develop language skills and above all grow & understand the need of being a social being. The toddler classroom focuses on two main areas, language development and acquiring skills for independence and social interactions .

Back to School ! Admissions Open for 2022-23 for Paschim Vihar & Gurugram