Fun-filled activities for the summer break | Vacation always brings a learning curve with it


The long summer break is round the corner. Have you been thinking up diverse ways of keeping your preschooler engaged? Has it got you frantically looking up summer camps and speaking to fellow parents? Before looking outside, there are few things you could try within the confines of your house. Make the best of this summer break with children. This holiday season you can make your child healthier, more creative, knowledgeable and skillful by including a roundup of such activities in his/her daily schedule.

1.Make a trip to the grocery store

Preschool schedules with their allotted mealtime and naptime, have kids follow a disciplined healthy schedule in the course of the school term. Holiday season makes room for munching on those junkies. Get your little one to accompany you to the grocery store. It is an excellent way to teach him/her the benefits of healthy eating through this exercise. Letting him/her help pick out snacks this will be a fun activity and your child will return home eager to taste the snacks.

2. Go Gardening

With the environmental threats plaguing the Earth its best to get your child interested in gardening from a young age. Get a hold of some seeds, sow it in a pot, amply spread compost around it and demonstrate to him/her the manner in which it has to be watered every day. Tending and caring for the plant together will strengthen your bond and watching the process is a wonderful discovery for your child.

3. Make TV time count

It is inevitable, for your little one to spend a portion of the day glued to the television. But ensure that during TV time, you do have time clocked in to watch educational channels like National Discovery, discovery Channel or animal planet. Watching shows on such channels will stimulate their thinking, keep their minds alert and get him/her to learn even during the course of the summer break.

4. Get Crafty

Every household is packed with essentials that pique up the little one’s imagination in ways that will leave adults astounded. Clothespin, straws, tissue paper, craft paper, crayons or ice cream spoons are few of the many objects. Look up a craft project and teach him/her to create something new. For starters simple activities like carefully folding paper to create a paper boat and leaving it to drift away in the water, is a revelation of sorts.

5. Get them to take on responsibilities

He/she isn’t too small to take on responsibility. These are the lessons to be taught when one is young. Practicing it from this age eventually goes on to make it a way of living. Mundane chores like dusting or tidying up of toys will give your little one immense pleasure. So make him/her perform daily chores like this, in the form of play.

6. Get him/her to do the talking

Often adults return home only to stare at their phone screens or hide themselves behind laptops. In all of this you fail to do the most important thing, which is listening to your child. Give your child the freedom of expression, let him/her chatter away animatedly, inquire about the tiniest of details and listen to everything that he/she says. It goes a long way in allowing the child to express his/her opinions.

7. Venture into the outdoors

Children today are often found playing with gadgets instead of soaking in the sunshine. Spending time in the nature listening to birds chirp, watching fluttering butterflies and walking around proves to be advantageous for a child. So this summer, take your child out in the open, he/she will also learn innumerable things through this exercise.

Being a parent, you should observe the activities which your child is more inclined towards and encourage him/her to pursue the same. This summer break, take out the time to figure out and nurture your child’s hidden talent and also teach him/her a thing or two. Eden Castle wishes its Edenites a summer of learning and fun.

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