Eden Castle Preschool brings HOGI ( Helen O’ Grady International) Speech & Drama program for our children this Summer

The HOGI ( Helen O’ Grady International) Speech & Drama program for our children at the Fun Summer Camp for Children from May 16 – June 16 June, 2019 at the Eden Castle Preschool Paschim Vihar Campus promises to be a huge draw this season.

Helen O’ Grady International provides a unique self development programme for children of all age groups. It is the only programme of its kind in the world which uses the medium of drama to teach communication skills to children. The main objectives that are achieved through this unique and truly international curriculum are effective English speaking skills; confidence-building among children; an increase in their self-esteem through motivational teaching; a multi-fold increase in their creativity and imagination through well researched methods!

Developmental Drama consisting of speech skills, communication skills, multiple sentence flow, movement, time, space, weight and body awareness, creativity, imagination and overall personality growth are the focus of the curriculum, which is internationally used across the 32 countries of operation.

Through participation in these classes, children embark on a journey of self discovery which leads them to realize their hidden potential.

As the logo suggests smiling and happy faces, a sunny disposition and personality are ensured!


The Magic of Helen O’ Grady International Speech & Drama program


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